Dekonu_ a magazine dedicated to showcase the true beauty and meaning of traditional African weddings across the continent.


Our Mission: Inspiring you to go back to your roots where there is so much beauty, love, culture, elegance and respect for the union of marriage.


The Birth: Dekonu came to life after I asked myself the question; why we first do the traditional African and then the white wedding?  Why we marry the European way and (not just) the African. The answer is very simple, decades of consistent western influence on the African continent and the people has made most young Africans lost interest for their beautiful cultures.




They also believe that their traditional African weddings and Engagements are just not good enough, not fancy and beautiful or perhaps too old school and boring.


At Dekonu we intend to remind both old and young Africans about their beautiful and vibrant colorful wedding cultures and to introduce the same to blacks all over the world by creating a unique space on the internet where we can help the modern African bride and groom to get their traditional wedding and engagement well and successfully done.


Usually, the traditional part of the engagement and wedding is done at home and then finally the “White Wedding” which mostly take place at the church. Most people often view the last as the most important part of the marital  ceremony and that without the white gown and the suit which are European, the marriage has not taken place and therefore are not married.


For these reasons Dekonu has been established to give already existing meaning of our traditional weddings and engagements supports for your best day.