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Things To Consider When Planning An African Wedding

An African wedding is always a huge event at which all family members, friends, colleague and all loved ones come together to celebrate your love for each other. And what makes it a huge event is the two families coming agreeing to become one while you and your husband or wife to be say yes to one another for the rest of your life.

A traditional African wedding is not like the western wedding where you and your partner agree to marry and then go on to plan your big day by yourselves without the concern of your parents or family elders. Here the marriage customs have rules and laws abiding to them.

If you are of African ancestry but not close to the culture or have no idea about how to plan your traditional African wedding, here are some few things for you to consider.

Which culture do you affiliate yourself with?

There are over 3,000 native African languages and with them also same amount cultures. Every African belongs to a specific culture, with traditions and rules/laws governing them. When getting married, this rules or laws come in usage. So unlike in many other cultures in the world, you can’t just get up and get married with following any of these rules or laws. Your marriage will be considered invalid.

Here are some few things to consider when getting married the African way:

First, those of us living in the diaspora with little or no connection at all to the cultures on the motherland will need to do some research.

Secondly, Get to know the various cultures and find out which one we like best. One can also do the DNA-Test to find out in which culture ones roots lies.

Thirdly, get in touch with the some members of that culture for support. They will then help you with all information about their marriage culture.

Fifthly, Dekornu Wedding Magazine is always available for helping planning, getting in touch with local people and finding vendors for traditional African weddings all over the continent.

Deco´r picture by Afmena Events London

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Re-defining The Traditional African Men´s Wear

Ugo Monye is one of the best designers on the continent of Africa. His dedication to creating traditional wear is what makes him so excellent. His styles are apologetically elegant and sophisticated while the fabrics used for the designs are luxurious.

His Men´s fashion is best for perfect moments like weddings. The best designs for groom and his groom men to look fabulously while he takes a big step forward into a new dimension of his life. To see more of Ugo Monye just visit his site:

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Dekornu Wedding Magazine is more than just a magazine. It is our way of paying tribute to our ancestors from all over the continent who created our beautiful and rich wedding cultures. For this reason, we dedicate our publication to them and our wedding traditions, protecting their legacies, and saving them for our future generations.

Dekornu is a word that describes both culture and tradition at the same time and comes from the Eve also called Eve language spoken in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria. Our favicon also comes from among the central Eves or Eves in Ghana, an ancient writing system and a symbol for “Mutuality”. We believe love is and must be mutually shared and only this way will it last.

The Dekornu couple is vibrant, elegant, bold, beautiful, has a sense of identity and proud in its heritage. The Dekornu Bride or Groom does not compromise his or culture not even in a globalized modern world.

We aim to promote a positive image of every African culture, and to empower our brothers and sisters outside the continent willing to reconnect with their roots.

We hope inspire you to stay true to yourself….

Buy our magazines. Print/Digital from our site

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Real Weddings

Bella and Max´s traditional Akan wedding is just beautiful to look at. Their Kente colors are vibrant and inspiring.

King & Queen on the dance floor.
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