Dekornu weddings


Dekornu Wedding Magazine is more than just a magazine. It is our way of paying tribute to our ancestors from all over the continent who created our beautiful and rich wedding cultures. For this reason, we dedicate our publication to them and our wedding traditions, protecting their legacies, and saving them for our future generations.

Dekornu is a word that describes both culture and tradition at the same time and comes from the Eve also called Eve language spoken in Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria. Our favicon also comes from among the central Eves or Eves in Ghana, an ancient writing system and a symbol for “Mutuality”. We believe love is and must be mutually shared and only this way will it last.

The Dekornu couple is vibrant, elegant, bold, beautiful, has a sense of identity and proud in its heritage. The Dekornu Bride or Groom does not compromise his or culture not even in a globalized modern world.

We aim to promote a positive image of every African culture, and to empower our brothers and sisters outside the continent willing to reconnect with their roots.

We hope inspire you to stay true to yourself….